Curse of the Lost Pearl - Dreamscape Immersive [VR]

CURSE OF THE LOST PEARL - A Magic Projector Adventure Official Trailer

Matt graczyk cotlp mattgraczyk 01

I was responsible for the ceiling and ivy work seen in the Temple section. All created with existing environment texture sets.

Matt graczyk cotlp mattgraczyk 03

A kneeling statue figure that holds some kindling the players must light to reveal the path forwards.

I was responsible for the high poly sculpt.

Matt graczyk cotlp mattgraczyk 02

As above, game res geo and textures by Sarah Hudson-Semple

I had the pleasure of contributing props and some environment work to the Dreamscape Immersive VR experience, Curse of the Lost Pearl.

As I joined the project fairly late in production I contributed mostly hero assets and set decoration props, with some environment modeling and texturing.