Tuebor - Lavaflow

During the development of Tuebor I got the chance to contribute to several maps in a variety of ways. On Lavaflow I was responsible for all the floors and platforms and most of the textures, the destructible reactor hero asset that the players must protect or destroy, the exterior of the central tower, creation of the landscape exterior geometry, and lots of set dressing and lighting work.

Lavaflow is a multi-purpose PVP and PVE map, designed to be symmetrical with several critical locations and hero props that need to be defended from waves of NPC enemies in the PVE mode or attacked and defended in the PVP modes.

Our Lead on this level was Josh Powers; www.flewda.artstation.com

Artists that also contributed to this level:
Kevin Manning www.static.artstation.com
Joe Grabowski www.jgrabo20.artstation.com
Dillon Sommerville www.dillon3d.com
Kevin Ingrassia www.kevingrassia.artstation.com
Andrew Mathieson

Level concepts by Frankin Chan